Zehra of Karachi follows in her Bangladesh

Zehra of Karachi follows in her Bangladesh family’s after 20 years.

Karachi, Chittagong: The Story of a Karachi Woman Zehra Qasim Reported and Spreading in Bangladesh social mediaHer Story: At 22, an undergraduate student finally traced her father’s family and her history in Bangladesh.

However, (Zehra of Karachi follows in her Bangladesh)what took her too long were two things: she was unable to read or write Bangla. And she lacks the self-confidence to pull off seemingly big jobs.

Much aided by technology and social media, Qasim found a clue and devoted himself to it. Find out where her father’s family lives and what’s left of it. She made most of the old letters in bangla tucked into her closet. which hardly anyone can read here

I first came across the letter when I was a child, Qasim told ARY News, adding that while the letter remained in her distant memory, But she never thought that she could do anything with it or use it.

More than a decade later, not too long ago, when they moved house She faced each other again. But this time things have changed.

“This time I was encouraged to do something about it. My education and my confidence are my assistants,” the 22-year-old recalls.

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