Weekly Inflation Lowers Amid Timely Food Imports

Weekly Inflation Lowers Amid Timely Food Imports

Customer buys dried fruit from a kiosk in the market — AFP/File
Customer buys dried fruit from a kiosk in the market — AFP/File

Karachi: According to the Sensitive Price Index (SPI), weekly inflation dropped to 40.58% year-on-year for the second week in a row.

The reductions reflect the government’s proper steps to curb food shortages after flooding in the country.

SPI inflation dropped to 0.19% during the week ending September 15 compared to the previous week. The Pakistan Statistical Office (PBS) reported on Friday.

perishable food prices Onions and tomatoes, in particular, have skyrocketed due to massive floods across the country. This destroys perennial crops and disrupts the supply chain. However, prices have been lowered and managed through imports.

It is the second consecutive week that inflation has continued to decline. This was largely a result of government steps to curb supply chain disruptions amid the floods that have caused the price of essential goods to skyrocket.

Data published by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) shows the average price of 10 key items, onions, tomatoes, bananas and other items. decreased during the export week

Prices for 30 items, including tea and eggs, have risen, while the rates for 11 essential items remain unchanged.

The gross income index fell from 225.67 in the week ending Sept. 8 to 224.98 in the week under consideration.

The SPI for the lowest income segment was down 0.19% compared to the previous week. The index for the group stood at 224.98, compared with 225.67 the week before.

The prices of the following key items are increasing every week:

Food items:

Lipton tea 190 g — 6.30%

Pulse thatched (washed) — 3.46%

Eggs — 2.54%

Pulse gram — 2.53%

Eggs — 3.84%

Cooked meat – 2.53%

Wheat Flour — 1.96%

Bread — 1.45%

Weekly the following major items are reduced:

Food items:

Onions — -16.24%

Tomatoes — -9.84%

Banana — -2.5%

Chicken — -1.88%

Sugar — -0.95%

Vegetable butter (1 kg) — -0.39%

Potatoes — 0.33%

Non-food items:

LPG — -2.62%

Heavy rains and floods have put enormous pressure on the masses. as they lack basic necessities amid disruption of agricultural produce and supply chains.

However, the increase in vegetable prices Especially onions and tomatoes. It is the result of timely imports from Iran and Afghanistan.

The SPI is calculated on a weekly basis to assess the price movements of major commodities over a short period of time to review the price situation in the country. It contains 51 essential items and collects prices from 50 markets in 17 cities of the country.

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