US military Turkish attacks in Syria

US military has said American troops are at risk this week from Turkish attacks in Syria

The U.S. Army said that the U.S. military At risk from Tuesday’s Turkish drone attack on a military base in Syria.

“We have received further information that there is a risk to U.S. forces and personnel,” U.S. Central Command said. In a brief statement on Wednesday, there were no members of the United States.US military Turkish attacks in Syria.

There were casualties in the protests, CENTCOM said. They declined to provide further information about the number of soldiers at risk or the location involved in the attack.

On Wednesday, the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley Talk to General Yasar Guler, his Turkish counterpart. The readings do not provide details of the conversation. but said that the two talk “Many issues of common strategic interest”

A statement from Pentagon Defense Department spokesman Gen. Pat Ryder later Wednesday said: such an attack “It is a direct threat to the security of US personnel” working to defeat IS. and to ensure detention “Over ten thousand ISIS detainees”

Rider calls for “Immediately de-escalate violence” at the Turkish-Syrian border and said the Pentagon was “concerned” about reports about “Intentional targeting of civilian infrastructure”

The base near Hasakah, Syria, was used by the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). attack

It is important that the United States Publicly stated that the American military force was at risk. Because Turkey is a NATO ally and a key ally for the US in the region, at the same time the SDF is also an ally of the US. and played a key role in the US-led coalition’s mission to defeat ISIS.

In a preliminary statement about Tuesday’s strike, CENTCOM spokesman Col. Joe Buccino said U.S. troops not at the military base In a statement on Tuesday Bushino said “We are against any military action.

whatever destabilizes the situation in Syria. These actions threaten our common goals. Including the ongoing fight against ISIS to ensure that the group never recovers and threatens the region.”

“Turkey continues to face legitimate terrorist threats. especially the southern part of them. Of course they have every right to protect themselves and their citizens,”

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said in a call with reporters Tuesday. “Our concern about cross-border operations remains the same.

That it may force some of our SDF allies to react to limit or limit their ability to fight ISIS, and that is what we are doing together. with them.”

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