Turkey deports 172 illegal Pakistanis back

Turkey deports 172 illegal Pakistanis back

Turkiye has deported 172 Pakistanis reported for entering the country illegally, ARY News reported on Thursday.


According to reports, Turkish authorities have arrested 172 Pakistanis for illegally entering the country.(Turkey deports 172 illegal Pakistanis back) The official added that illegal Pakistani immigrants had entered Turkiye to go to other European countries.


Istanbul’s deputy general counsel has written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) regarding illegal immigrants.


The deported will arrive in Pakistan on October 10.


Saudi Arabia on Saturday (14) deported 140 Pakistanis from the kingdom. due to alleged involvement in criminal and illegal activities. Turkey deports 172 illegal Pakistanis back


According to sources, passengers arrived in Saudi Arabia but were not authorized by immigration officials to proceed after it emerged that they were allegedly involved in illegal activities.


The passengers were deported and taken back to Multan International Airport on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight.


Passengers later protested over the deportation and exchanged heated arguments with officials at Multan Airport. They urged the government to take note of the matter.

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