Torrential rains and floods devastate Balochistan|Victims await government aid under the open sky

Torrential rains and floods devastate Balochistan|Victims await government aid under the open sky

Hundreds of families who were displaced due to the torrential rains and subsequent Torrential rains and floods in Nushki district of Balochistan are facing difficulties.

but the difficulties of Bakht Bibi and Taj Muhammad are apparently many times more than others because Torrential rains and floods One of them is a widow and the other is physically challenged.

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The floods have destroyed both their houses and they are now unlivable and they do not have the resources to rebuild their houses. Speaking to the BBC, Bakht Bibi said that raising seven children after the death of her husband was not an easy task for her, but now the flood has taken the roof off her head.

Taj Muhammad, disabled in both hands and eyes, says that the house that was built for the children with the help and donations of the people is no longer there.

Bakht Bibi and Taj Mohammad said that despite the passage of three days, they still have not received any tent or food from the government and they are worried about where to feed the children as the flood has washed away everything. has taken Due to the flood, their neighboring houses have not been able to help them.

Not only in Nushki, but in most of the 26 flood-affected districts of Balochistan, the victims are facing a difficult situation. The hardships of the people in Lasbela are more than in other areas as 75 connecting roads in the district have not been restored, people in many areas have been stuck in flood water for more than a week.

Most of the people in the flood affected areas like Nushki and Lasbela are not satisfied with the relief provided by the government. However, government officials say that all resources are being used to help the flood victims and so far thousands of families have been provided with tents and rations.

“I have not seen such scenes of destruction before the rains and floods.”

Like other areas, there have been rains in Nushki, but according to local residents and local journalists, the stormy rain that occurred on the evening of July 28, which caused havoc, is unprecedented in the history of Nushki city.

A breach in the protective dam in Qadirabad area on the north side of the city along with torrential rains added to the severity of the disaster causing extensive damage to houses.

Looking at the videos and photos that are going viral regarding the flooding of some houses in the affected areas in Nushki, it seems as if there were no houses but rainwater drains. Shah Nazar Badini, a senior journalist from Nushki, said that he had not seen such scenes of destruction due to rains and floods in Nushki city.

They say that the entire district was affected by the stormy rains, but as far as the damage to the houses is concerned, the houses in the surrounding areas of Nushki city have been damaged a lot and they have not been able to live. .

Shah Nazar said that in the areas where the houses were damaged, Qaziabad, Qadirabad, Kali Mengal, Kali Sardar Badini, Kali Sharif Khan, Kali Faqiran and Kali Gharibabad besides at a distance of 12 kilometers from Nushki city. The areas of Kalibatu and Ahmedwal are included.

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