The rupee fell 0.21% against the US dollar

The rupee fell 0.21% against the US dollar

The Pakistani rupee on Monday fell 0.21% against the US dollar to 218.89 rupees in the interbank market, ARY News reported.

while in the open market Local currency earns 0.30 rupees. The rupee fell 0.21% against the US dollar

As detailed, PKR fell 0.46 rupees, rising from Rs 218.43 to Rs 218.89 while in the open market. Local currency earns Rs 0.30 and sells at Rs 225.70.

PKR closes at Rs226 in the open market on Friday.

On October 14th, a forex dealer stated that the dollar was selling between Rs 223 and Rs 225 in the open market. in the interbank bank The US Dollar earned 10 paisas against the Pakistan Rupee and is trading at Rs218.48.

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Bank sells USD for Rs218.90, says forex dealer after continued weakness The US dollar will indemnify against the PKR.

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