investigation scholar murder in Karachi

The investigation into the murder of a religious scholar in Karachi, an important revelation came to light

Karachi: In the investigation of the incident of the tatargetedrget killing of cleric Zia-ur-Rehman in Gulistan-Johar Block 15, it was revealed that the CCTV cameras of the place of killing were faulty, and none of the cameras were recording—investigation scholar murder in Karachi.

According to the details, the investigation into the incident of the target killing of cleric Zia-ul-Rehman in Golestan Johar Block 15 of Karachi is ongoing, police officials said that the CCTV cameras of the Federal Board of Revenue office turned out to be faulty. Officials said that all the cameras outside the office are malfunctioning, and none of the cameras are recording, in August 2017 there was also a shooting incident at the same place, 2 FBR employees were in police-like uniforms.


It should be remembered that a case of the alleged target killing of Zia-ur-Rehman was registered in Golestan Johar Block 15 of Karachi, the case was registered under section 302 of murder in Golestan Johar police station. investigation scholar murder in Karachi.


Chachazad Bhai had told that Zia-ur-Rehman was killed near FBR building, Zia-ur-Rehman had come to FBR Park for a walk when unknown persons fired and escaped. The post-mortem of the slain principal Zia-ur-Rehman has been completed, after which the body will be handed over to the heirs.


Last day, there was a shooting incident in Golestan Johar Block 16, Maulana Ziaur Rahman was walking home from the park, during which unknown persons on two motorcycles shot and killed him, nothing was taken from the deceased Sheikh Ziaur Rehman.


SSP East Irfan Bahadur said that the incident is a target killing, investigations are being done from different angles, there were 2 attackers on a motorcycle, 11 shells of 2 different weapons were found at the scene, however, the shells found at the scene have been sent for forensics.


SSP East had said that the incident is communal or some other investigation is being done, it is suspected that “RA” was involved in the incident, initially there was evidence of the involvement of Indian secret agency RAW.

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