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The Best Way to Buy Nest Aware Subscription

Nest Aware allows you to view your video footage at home, away and on the go, meaning you don’t have to be near your home Wi-Fi network to access it. However, Nest Aware subscriptions are only available through Nest and are non-refundable.

Before you buy Nest Aware, make sure to ask yourself whether your subscription will meet your needs in the long run. If not, here’s how you can get a refund after purchasing it without any hassle.

Step 1: Add Cameras

Nest Cam is one of the most advanced video monitoring systems around. The camera records and sends video footage to your phone, tablet, or computer in real time.
You can control it from anywhere with the app. With this subscription plan, you’ll get alerts on your phone for motion and sound events as well as access to 24/7 live streaming in HD quality.
The app will send you notifications about detected motion and sound events. These can be sent via email or push notification.
You can also view recorded footage and clips through it, as well as access 24/7 live streaming in HD quality with up to 30 days of video history.
If you’re interested in keeping your video feed longer, you’ll be happy to know that Nest Aware offers options for 30 days, 90 days, and 1 year of activity history.

Step 2: Select a Plan

There are three different plans you can choose from when buying a Nest Aware subscription. The Basic Plan is $5 per month, which includes access to 10 hours of video history and allows for one camera.
The Extended Plan is $10 per month and includes access to 30 hours of video history and allows for two cameras. Finally, the Premium Plan offers access to 60 hours of video history with unlimited cameras for $30 per month.
After selecting your plan, click on Add to Cart to be taken to checkout. From there, simply enter your payment information and follow the prompts!

Step 3: Finalize Payment

When you’re ready, just click the ‘Buy Now’ button and enter your credit card details. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive an email from Nest with your account information. That’s it! You’re all set up and ready to start monitoring your home from anywhere!
It’s that simple! You can always see your billing details on Nest’s website, and make changes or cancel your subscription at any time. There are also no contracts or obligations when you sign up for a new plan, so you’re free to cancel at any time.
You can also pay by check or wire transfer. Your full instructions will be in your confirmation email from Nest when you purchase a plan.
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Step 4: Finish Up

Once you’re ready to purchase your new subscription, go ahead and use the buy now button on this page. If you want more than one camera, make sure you buy the same number of cameras that are in your home.
Remember that you’ll need at least one Nest Cam for outdoor surveillance (either the wire-free version or the plugged-in version).
Click on Next and you’ll be taken to your order summary. Buy Nest Aware Subscription As long as everything looks okay, go ahead and complete your purchase by clicking Buy Now.
Your new subscription will be delivered directly from Nest. If you have any questions about adding a camera or more cameras, click on Help me choose for some more tips.
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