Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

Live updates: Russia's war in Ukraine

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is seen from Nikopol on November 7. (Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters/FILE) Negotiations with Kiev and Moscow on the establishment of a safe zone around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant continue. but at the same time The director of the United Nations nuclear watchdog is warning about potential consequences. Live updates: Russia’s war in … Read more

November 23, 2022, Russian-Ukrainian war news update

November 2022 Russian-Ukrainian war news update

Ukrainian prosecutors have launched an investigation after a video circulated on social media that Moscow said showed a Russian soldier killed after surrendering to Ukrainian forces last weekend.   Ukraine’s human rights commissioner Dmytro Lubinets claimed that Russia staged the surrender and opened fire first. ready to add that “Shooting back is not a war … Read more

Polish Prime Minister said Tuesday’s explosion may have been caused by a Russian missile launch

Polish Prime Minister said explosion by a Russian missile launch

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat held a briefing at Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center, Kiev, Ukraine, on June 14. (Pavlo_Bagmut/Ukrinform/Future Publishing/Getty Images). The Ukrainian Air Force said it would “do whatever it takes” to facilitate an investigation into Tuesday’s missile attack in Poland. which killed two people near the border with Ukraine.   “What happened was … Read more

Live update: Russian war in Ukraine

Live update: Russian war in Ukraine

Russian forces are preparing a new defensive position on the east bank of the Dnieper River in Kherson and have told local civilians they should move out of the area. Kirill Stremusov, the deputy head of the Russian-appointed Kherson Armed Forces confirmed on Wednesday that Civilian evacuations have extended to the east bank of the … Read more

Live update Russian & Ukraine war

Live update Russian & Ukraine war

Natalia Zemko, 81, drinks tea in her apartment during a power outage in Kyiv, Ukraine, October 22 Paula Bronstein/Getty Images. More than a military base or transport hub in recent weeks. russia landslide Ukrainian electricity and heat supply network. Live update Russian & Ukraine war.   in the next few weeks Russian missile and drone strikes … Read more

Ukraine faces attacks and blackouts Russia’s war continues

Ukraine faces attacks and blackouts Russia's war continues

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in this September 2022 file photo.Ukrainian President/Representative Anadolu/Getty Images.     Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the attack on Russia’s energy infrastructure was aimed at creating a new wave of refugees. Ukraine faces attacks and blackouts Russia’s war continues   Zelensky speaks to the Council of Europe in a video after failing … Read more

Live update Russian war in Ukraine

Ukraine faces attacks and blackouts Russia's war continues

A senior Ukrainian official said The “first mission” of the Russian forces was to capture the southern front.   Russians are digging and dispatching more resources in hopes of quelling Ukrainian forces pushing towards Kherson, Oleksii Hromov, a top military official said. Live update Russian war in Ukraine   “The enemy plans to accomplish this mission … Read more

Russia “cannot destroy us,” Zelensky said after Monday’s drone strike

Zelensky said after Monday's drone strike

Ukraine has asked its allies to provide more air defense systems and ammunition after Russia hastened to deploy them.”Kamikaze drone” in a brutal attack on the country.   Kyiv said Moscow had used Iran-supplied kamikaze drones to attack Kyiv, Vinnytsia, OdessaZaporizhia and other cities across Ukraine in the past few weeks. and has asked Western … Read more

Live Converge Russia and Ukraine War

Live Converge Russia and Ukraine War

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov welcomed the news report in the United States. US intelligence groups suspect Ukrainian officials were behind the blast. Killed activist Darya Dugina near Moscow in August   CNN reported Wednesday that the US intelligence community The car bombing is believed to have killed Dugina, the daughter of the famous Russian patriot … Read more