Sindh Police Decide to Improve Madadgar 15

KARACHI: Sindh police have decided to upgrade Madadgar 15 forces amid a brutal referendum on two workers in the Machar colony, Karachi.

according to details The Cabinet and the police have set up a fact-finding committee. After the brutal referendum of two workers in Machar ColonyKarachi. SindhPolice Decide to Improve Madadgar 15

The committee has proposed a recommendation to upgrade Madadgar forces. 15 forces will be trained to serve as riot forces in the province.

In addition, Madadgar forces will be equipped with modern tear gas cannons and other necessary ammunition.

Sindh police claimed that Madadgar forces reached the referendum point in Machar colony within 15 minutes of the complaint.

Power upgrades will help to control crime effectively.

Read more: MADADGAR 15 COP became a street criminal in Karachi.

Earlier, Madadgar 15 police hotline, involved in street crimes in the port city, was arrested by Shah Faisal Police.

According to details, Shah Faisal police arrested Aqeel, Madadgar 15 police and two of his comrades after conducting an investigation into the accused.

The police acted on a hotline 15 police complaints reported by several citizens.

Police also searched one of the pistols. three mobile phones and purses from their possession The police also registered FIR with the defendants.

It may be noted that there has been a sharp increase in theft incidents by gangsters disguised as police in the port city as the Dacoits gang disguised as officers of a special branch robbing the home of the mother of a former Karachi commissioner.

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