Shahbaz Sharif arrives in Astana Kazakhstan to join CICA

Shahbaz Sharif arrives in Astana Kazakhstan to join CICA

Shahbaz Sharif arrives in Astana, Kazakhstan for the 6th Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

On arrival, he was greeted by Kazakhstan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. The Prime Minister, along with the Cabinet and other Shahbaz Sharif arrives in Astana Kazakhstan to join CICAhigh-ranking officials.

Earlier in his tweet The prime minister said the forum could shape a new model of economic cooperation and stability in Asia through greater connectivity.

The prime minister pointed out that the world is facing a recession caused by rising energy and food prices. Therefore, he said, there is a greater need to promote participation and understanding to create win-win cooperation.

He said climate disasters call for concerted efforts to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

The Prime Minister, in his address to CICA tomorrow, will highlight the importance of this special forum to promote dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation among Asian countries to address common challenges.

The Prime Minister will present Pakistan’s views on various issues. at the regional and international level

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Outside of Shahbaz, Sharif will hold a meeting with the leaders of CICA member states with the aim of promoting cooperation in trade, investment and energy.

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