SHC provides continuous power to the pumping station

SHC provides continuous power to the pumping station

SUKKUR: Sindh High Court (SHC) Sukkur Circuit Board on Tuesday ordered uninterrupted power supply to the water-discharging pumping station.

The benches gave orders as they listened to a petition about flood drainage and relief efforts for flood victims.SHC provides continuous power to the pumping station

The court has issued notices to the Sindh Chief Secretary and the Royal Irrigation Department about non-compliance with the court’s order. An earlier trial bench had ordered them to be collected and sent. flood drainage plan.

Attorney Nisar Bhanbhro, during the hearing, informed the court that the time to unload the electricity for the SCARP pumping station and well has been improved.

Lawyer Chubbir Sharma told the bench that The Kaipur district administration filed a false report to the court. “In some areas of the district, there is still flooding in houses along with farmland,” the lawyer added.

“Water still exists in the areas of Saleh Patt, which impedes wheat cultivation in farmland,” said supporter Nisar Bhanbhro.

“Proceeds should be taken if someone forces the release of water into the land,” the court ruled.

Unprecedented rains and floods in Sindha have flooded vast areas of the province this year. making millions of people homeless.

a lot of people from district affected by flood of Sindh migrated to Karachi and Hyderabad. Most of the land in the province has become a huge swamp.

Therefore, water cannot be pumped out of most of the province until now.

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