Shahrukh Khan Wants to Make a Bollywood Version

Shahrukh Khan Wants to Make a Bollywood Version of ‘Breaking Bad’

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan once expressed his desire to make movies based on five seasons of the thrilling crime thriller. ‘Bad ending’.


One of the most famous TV series to come out of the American entertainment industry.(Shahrukh Khan Wants to Make a Bollywood Version)That is a neo-western crime thriller. ‘Bad ending’ has audiences all over the world The captivating story of a chemistry teacher and his pain with a cancer diagnosis and the production of methamphetamine have captivated fans for years.


One of these fans, if you never knew, was ‘Dilwale’ Since he met the show back in 2013 back in the day. The actor also shared a related tweet on his handle.


Khan grew to like the story so much that he wanted to make a Desi movie version and even had his source work for the rights.


In the previous interview Khan revealed that “I want to do it. [Breaking Bad] to the movie”


He went on to confess that for the series, the show ‘evolved too much’ for Indian television, Khan said, “Indian audiences will not accept methamphetamine, drugs and the Mafia, but the story of a man dying and taking advantage. Saving his family is good evidence for a documentary.”


“I asked some people who said they would claim me. I was at that age where it was interesting to take on that role.”


Moreover, when asked who he would like to play the lead character of Walter White, Khan joked, “A good movie doesn’t work without me, honey!”


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