Sana Khan left the industry, fame and wealth for peace of mind

Former Indian actress Sana Khan left the industry has revealed that she left fame and fortune for peace of mind.


Former actress Sana Khan left the industry, who bid farewell to the industry, has revealed in an interview that even after her success in TV and films, she suffered from mental stress, after which she decided to wear hijab.


Talking about saying goodbye to showbiz, Sana Khan said that in the past I had everything, money, name, fame, and I could do everything as per my wish, but one thing was missing, peace of mind. Couldn’t find it.


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The previous entertainer said, “I actually recall in the period of Ramadan, I continued to see a grave in my fantasy, with fire in it, and I regarded myself as in that grave. I felt that Allah was showing me that in the event that I If I don’t transform me, this will be my destiny, after that I became uncertain.


He said that I read in a proclamation that you don’t believe that your last day should be the main day of wearing hijab, it contacted my heart and after that I chose to wear hijab for my entire life.

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