Russian units appeared to advance near Bathmat in Donetsk

Russian units appeared to advance near Bathmat in Donetsk

Videos on social media showed Russian troops in the surrounding areas. Bakhmut in the eastern region of Donetsk was seriously wounded. Even if they seize some territory especially in the southern part of the city.

Some videos from Ukrainian military drones show Russian troops in gorges and trenches being targeted by explosives dropped by drones. Other videos at ground level show the bodies of Russian soldiers disposing of rubbish. Russian units appeared to advance near Bathmat in Donetsk

One video was filmed by the Ukrainian army and published on Telegram. Shows various weapon systems. used to attack Russian positions These included mortars and 155mm mortars.

According to some videos, Russian positions showed little protection and were exposed in the open countryside.

Russian forces attacked the surrounding area. Bakmut for several months. and recently sent a new but less experienced mobilization unit to the front.

some Russian units including units affiliated with the Wagner Group There seems to be more progress. by leading a small village A number went south of the city.

on thursday The Russian Defense Ministry said “As a result of the offensive actions of the Russian troops The Kurdiumivka settlement of the Donetsk People’s Republic was completely liberated from the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense had announced three more territories—but all in small villages.

A Ukrainian military rocket fires at a Russian position near Bakhmut, Ukraine, on November 24. (LIBKOS/AP)

What Ukraine is saying: The Ukrainian said fighting continued in the area. and during a combat mission near Kurdyumivka Ukrainian forces destroyed three ammunition depots, one mortar team, “and the manpower of the enemy.”

analysts said The Ukrainians are clearly losing too. Because they were targeted by Russian artillery and tanks. The Ukrainian army said fighting continued in several areas near Bakmut. But don’t admit to losing any space.

The Ukrainian border guard said that over the past week The unit repelled enemy attacks in the Bakhmut and.

Avdiivka districts of the Donetsk region and “destroyed the enemy’s ammunition, equipment and personnel depots.”

A unit spokesman said that in the attack near the northeastern outskirts of Bakhmut, “enemy casualties reached 79, of which 46 were irrecoverable.

A CNN team in nearby Kramatorsk reported hearing heavy artillery exchanges for most of Thursday.

in the latest analysis The Institute for the Study of War said The Russian campaign around Bagmut indicates that “Russian forces fundamentally failed to learn from previous high casualty campaigns that focused on operational objectives or limited strategic importance.”

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