Russia is failing on the battlefield death hypothermia

Russia is failing on the battlefield death starvation and hypothermia

Inside of Invincibility Point in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Maria Kostenko/CNN)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has appealed to local authorities. Including in the capital city of Kiev. Let’s do more to create. Russia is failing on the battlefield death hypothermia.


The “invincible point” of his government It’s a pop-up station that offers accommodations and services like power charging, internet, connectivity and hot water.


The government last week announced plans to provide emergency assistance to civilians struggling without electricity and heating. just a few days before the last round Russian air raids On Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure Leads to Further Major Disruptions.


But in a speech Friday night, Zelensky criticized the launch of the project. especially in the capital He said that specific points Only those installed at train stations and state emergency services are working properly.


“Other points still need to be improved. Speak gently,” he added. “Kiev residents need more protection.”


Visit “Invincible Point”: The CNN team visited three government-announced resource centers in the Ukrainian capital. Two of them, operated by the SES, were both operational, while three located in schools were non-functional.


At a location in the city’s northern Obolonskyi District, CNN spoke to Tetiana, who said her apartment had been without electricity and heat for more than 50 hours, during which time she had no cell phone service.


“We see this point. (‘Invincibility) Point’ on the map and decided to give it a try,” she said.


Tetiana (left) and Larysa at Invincibility Point in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Maria Costenko/CNN)

sit at a flat table One side of the tent is about 30 square meters (about 323 square feet), the sides are padded for warmth. She told us that she was happy to be online again.


Her employer made a souvenir. And the upcoming holiday season is always busy, she says. “The Internet is great here. I can do my job,” she said.


Larysa, another resident, was also impressed with the Wi-Fi available at the same site as it meant she could reconnect to social media.


“The internet is fast. I’m finally playing TikTok,” she laughed, adding, “I’m looking for a job because I’m from Lviv. I just moved to Kiev.


A resident named Oleksiy told CNN he had been without electricity at home for more than two days and was still using the internet provided to find work.


“I have my wife and two children aged 5 months and 9 at home. I won’t take my kids come here because it’s far But I will definitely come here again,” he said.


The person interviewed for this post declined to give CNN their last name.

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