‘Rings of Power’ Overtakes ‘House of Dragon’: Audience Report

Two of the season’s busiest shows ‘Dragon House’ and ‘Ring of Power’ have faced each other in viewer ratings.


According to a report from the international portal Two of the most talked about TV shows right now. are fighting for the first audience And go by the Amazon Prime’s numbers. ‘Lord of Rings’ The prequel has replaced HBO Max’s. ‘can’ prequel


according to details The two shows appear to face each other in the streaming rankings for the week of August 29 – September 4 at JRR Tolkien’s. ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power’ has beaten George RR Martin’s ‘Dragon House’to occupy the top position in the audience list


The show was the most streamed of the week with 1.3 billion total watch time.


on the contrary ‘bench’ prequel ‘Dragon House’ lagged behind in the list and took fifth place with 781 million minutes of watch time, 61% less than rival fantasy series.


Please note that this rating is for US regional television streaming only and does not include any other location or device.


Also, item availability is another important factor to keep in mind. while measuring portal views such as Amazon Prime ‘Ring of Power’ can only be viewed on the company’s streaming portal, while ‘Dragon House’ There’s also a large cable audience, which the listed shows don’t take into account.


Do you know where the characters in ‘House of the Dragon’ 

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