Reveal Sauron's identity over social media

Reveal Sauron’s identity over social media

Netizens are excited After revealing the identity of Sauron, the enemy inThe Lord of the Rings‘Prequel’ring of power‘The end.


ring of power Fans are thinking about fan theories about the character’s identity. It Becoming Halbrand played by Charlie Vickers.Reveal Sauron’s identity over social media


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Social media users were flagged after Sauron’s identity was revealed. They use the Twitter microblogging app to express their happiness.


This is how they react.

#Hal Brand Nation #hal brand #The Rings of Power
#the rings of power spoiler
#trop spoiler #Sauron #Hot Sauron

Our Dark Lord has arrived! Praise his fervor! 🔥

— Hobbit-Babe (@Iwashobbitbabe) October 14, 2022


Behind the scenes of Sauron
I want to watch Hobbit fight seqence again. #Sauron #Rings of Power

— Baron Lloyd (@baron_loyd) October 14, 2022


Spoilers, but actually I cried, screamed, vomited at the end.. (wants more but whatever) and he’s so cool. #The Rings of Power

This is my birthday gift. Thank you sauron ily. #Sauron

— Jasmine (@yasmeen5SOS) October 14, 2022


#Sauron Truly the friend we made throughout our journey. #Amnat Charoen Ring


— Kunapalooza de Lion Court (@Kunapalooza) October 14, 2022


ring of power‘It was set thousands of years before the events of JRR Tolkien’hobbit‘ and ‘The Lord of the Rings‘.


There are new and familiar character groups. As they deal with the reappearance of demons in Middle-earth,

The direction of the highly anticipated web show is headed by director Peter Jackson.The Lord of the Rings‘ and ‘hobbit‘ movie trilogy.



New Zealand government officials said Amazon spent about $465 million on filming the first season.



The company plans to complete five seasons of the show, making it one of the most expensive series ever.Reveal Sauron’s identity over social media

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