relentless courage of the Iranian protesters for the Western world

relentless courage of the Iranian protesters for the Western world

 Frida Ghitis(@fridaghitis) A former CNN producer and reporter is a global affairs columnist. She is a weekly opinion contributor for CNN, a contributing columnist for The Washington Post, and a columnist for the World Politics Review.

on Day 40 after mahsa Amini died while in the custody of the Iranian regime’s treacherous moral police. The protests caused by her death were even more widespread. more challenging and more assertive. Relentless courage of the Iranian protesters for the Western world.

They also increase the moral imperative for the rest of the world to do more.

In Amini’s hometown of Saqqez, 22-year-old Zhina is now buried. thousands of people Challenge the police and become a key day in the mourning process, even as security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas to stop them.


Demonstrations also took place in many other cities: in Isfahan. The woman waved a black scarf in the air and cried, “Azadi, Azadi!” (“Freedom, freedom!”) In Farsi, in Shiraz, a woman walks confidently on the city sidewalk without a veil. hair flow In the air in violation of Iranian law in the city of Amol, where authorities have shot and killed protesters.


An unarmed man and woman walked towards the armed security forces, kneeling, raising their hands, and Declare yourself ready to die for their cause.


As Amini’s death caused this uprising, it was Mandatory headdressor the hijab that has become a symbol because of her meeting with the moral police made her familiar with many women. She traveled to Tehran from her hometown in Iran’s Kurdish region last month.


when she was detained for allegedly not wearing the hijab properly. It is a degraded experience familiar to Iranian women, who are often harassed for minor clothing violations. Authorities later claimed that Amini died of illness while at the “New education center,” her family says. She is in perfect health.


Several weeks since The regime has killing hundreds of peaceful protestersamong them many children and ideal girl.


One of the teenagers whose bravery and death became the rallying cry was 16-year-old Nika Shahkarami, who disappeared last month after waving a hijab in the air at protests in Tehran. and set fire to another headdress in front of him.


Later, Nika turned out to be deceased. Although the Iranian government and state media claimed her death had nothing to do with the riots.


CNN investigation Video and testimony from witnesses were found showing her being hunted by Basiji militants, a security force used by the government to crack down on protesters. After her protest Eyewitnesses told CNN they saw Nika among the protesters detained that night. That was the last time she was seen.


It was days before her bruised body was returned to her grieving family. Her mother herself was rallying the protesters.. Iranian Courage both children and adults Risk everything for a chance at freedom.


It defies the predictions of weary international observers. Recalling the previous failed protests Many argued that the strength of the protest by shouting “Women, Life, Freedom” was more than just. On the agenda of social media.


But protests persist. seven weeks later They have lasted longer than any uprising since the 1979 revolution overthrew the Pahlavi regime and took power in today’s democracy.


And these protests are different than before. In 2009, the Green Movement Support for reform candidates In 2019, protesters call for harsh economic conditions.


This time, the women and men who joined them shouted, “Death belongs to a dictator” not about reform This is a fundamental change..


To be honest, since the first day of protest This inspired But it’s also terrifying to watch. We’ve seen it. What the Islamic Republic can do.


We fear the safety of these brave people. and seemed irresponsible to encourage them. After all, the odds are stacked against them. but still They still chose to fight. They deserve our unity.


As a group of 12 female foreign ministers announced in Announcement October 26“We have a moral obligation” to support the women-led movement. But the people who demanded freedom in Iran wanted more than symbolic support. Although the symbols are important


The United States and other Western powers have always been concerned about supporting Iranian protesters. Because the regime has already ignored those who oppose them as tools of the West.


Obama administration Let that concern silence its answer. During the 2009 protests, Biden’s administration tried to avoid making the same mistake. Washington has repeatedly spoken in support of the protest movement. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Announcing new sanctions Against Iranians involved in cracking down on protests.


That’s a good start. whoever whether a government official Basiji Armed Forces, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Related to crackdown on protests should be banned from entering the United States. Other countries should follow

but can do more


Germany this week announced that from the situation can No “business as usual” with IranIt launched a broader diplomatic response that included a review of bilateral trade and financial ties.


Supporting NGOs that track crimes against protesters and extending protection for “Especially weak Iranians”, among other efforts.


other US allies Democracy around the world and any country that rejects the actions of a regime should participate in the diplomatic separation of Iran.


Diplomatic relations should continue. But as long as Iran kills the protesters the relationship should be downgraded, and Iran must be expelled from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Its appearance is imitated.


Then came the abandoned 2015 nuclear deal – The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA – which Biden’s administration. have worked to restore. At present, negotiations to revive the agreement which is designed to slow Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons.


Still stuck as Iran continues to raise bets, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken said he predicted he would not return to the JCPOA. in the “close range” That wording probably meant that the target of the resurrection was not entirely dead.


The US and its allies want to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons. which is an indelible goal But starting a new deal might hundred million baht to a regime that is killing peaceful protesters.


Armed Russia with killer drones Used to kill innocent Ukrainian people and continue. Supporting terror groups across the Middle East. at least The wisdom of restoring the nuclear deal must be reevaluated.


The relentless courage of Iranian women Iranian women are a timely moral test for the rest of the world. They deserve more than they deserve.

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