Protect account from new feature of WhatsApp hacking

Taking care of its users, WhatsApp continues to introduce some new feature every day. work is in progress to introduce a new security feature of WhatsApp “Login Approval”.


In order to prevent hacks and data breaches and further enhance security for its users, Meta Platform Inc’s is working to introduce a new ‘login approval’ feature in WhatsApp hacking.


WhatsApp hacking Like Facebook and Instagram,


this new element will assist with forestalling WhatsApp accounts from being taken, through this ‘login highlight’. On WhatsApp, clients will likewise get in-application makes at whatever point somebody attempts aware of sign into the record. Will meet.


WhatsApp officials said that this new feature will provide additional security to users.


On the other hand Metta-owned application WhatsApp hacking has started working on a feature.

That will allow users to hide their number despite being a part of any group.

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