Priyanka Chopra Kamala Harris Talk Deception

Priyanka Chopra, Kamala Harris Talk Deception, Women’s Rights

Kamala Harris, US Vice President Reminds top female Democrats to fight for reproductive rights And how is the selection of two more Democratic senators in the upcoming midterm elections important to that fight?

“If there was any reason this group would exist in recent memories, (Priyanka Chopra Kamala Harris Talk Deception) Now is the time,” Harris said during the Democratic National Committee’s women’s leaders meeting on Friday in Washington.

“We must do everything we can in the next 39 days to warn people of the dangers of this election,” she said during a panel moderated by actress Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka Chopra Begin the session with a jab in which the male patronizes the woman. pointing to the silence in the room She joked that “Did you hear that sound? That is the sound of not deceitful women.”

at the beginning of this month President Joe Biden has vowed that Democrats will legalize the right to abortion. If two other Democratic senators are elected to the US Senate In the middle of the term, Nov. 8, it said it would open up the opportunity to remove the opposition. A roadblock that requires a 60-vote majority to overcome.

The Senate is now divided equally between Democrats and Republicans. by the equal votes of Kamala Harris, as vice president, gives Democrats some control. But two Democratic senators objected to ending the opposition.

Abortion has become a major issue for voters across the country. After the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June Overturned abortion rights enshrined nearly 50 years earlier in Roe v. Wade.

Nearly half of the states have banned, restricted or tried to ban abortion. Some Republicans, such as Senator Lindsay Graham earlier this month, It has proposed a national abortion ban after 15 weeks or within the second trimester of pregnancy.

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