Oil prices rose 1.45 rupees per liter.

Oil prices rose 1.45 rupees per liter.

A man fills a car's fuel tank — AFP
A man fills a car’s fuel tank — AFP

The Ministry of Finance said in a statement. The central government raised oil prices by 1.45 rupees again early on Wednesday. It surprised the federal government early on Wednesday. This brought the price up to Rs.237.43 per liter per liter.

“Due to the volatility of world oil prices and fluctuating exchange rates, The government has decided to adjust the prices of petroleum products,” the report added.

After adjusting fuel prices, the price of Light Speed ​​Diesel (LSD) is reduced by Rs 4.26 per liter, after which LSD will be available at Rs 197.28 per liter.

However, the price of high speed diesel (HSD) will remain the same at Rs247.43 per liter.

The finance department in the notification added that the price of kerosene fell by 8.30 rupees per liter, after which it would sell for 202.02 rupees per liter.

New prices effective September 21

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