Nick Kyrgios complained about the smell of marijuana during his second US Open win

Nick Kyrgios complained about the smell of marijuana during his second US Open win | CNN


Nick Kyrgios was left disappointed by the smell of marijuana coming from the stands in his second round win at US Open on Wednesday.

The Australian, who took on France’s Benjamin Bonzi was his mainstay during the match. including when he complained to the referee about the smell emanating from the stands. of the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Nick Kyrgios complained about the smell 


“People didn’t know I had severe asthma. So when I run to the side and it’s already difficult to breathe. It might not be something I want to breathe in between the points,” he told reporters after the match.


The referee warned fans to refrain from smoking around the stadium as play began.


The US Open crowd is known to be boisterous, and the 27-year-old agrees that the Grand Slam has a different “atmosphere” from other tournaments.


CNN contacted US Open about Kyrgios complaints about cannabis smell.


It comes just a week after a Kyrgios woman accused of drinking “700 glasses” and “completely drunk” during this year’s Wimbledon finals said she was suing the Australian tennis player for defamation.


Kyrgios generally came to life in a court in New York. Mumbling to himself and hitting his box between the dots.

He was warned by the referee to swear to someone on his team for not giving him enough support.


while his on-field antics were full of fluidity. So does his tennis.


Kyrgios is put to the test by his talented opponents. But it showed a new kind of destructive power and mental strength that led him to his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon in July.


He faces American JJ Wolf in the next round but says his own good form is putting more pressure on him than usual.


“Right now it’s very stressful. because every game I play I expect to play very well,” Kyrgios told reporters.


“Such clean performances are unrealistic in a sport like this that you play day in and day out. I might have to lower my expectations to play like every Wimbledon final. There are many talented players who can play.”

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