New cars Automakers receive strict orders from PAC

New cars Automakers receive strict orders from PAC

Public Accounts Commission (PAC) has issued a strict directive for automakers to deliver new cars to customers within a month of prepayment of a percentage point.


The order was issued by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at today’s meeting. chaired by Chairman Noor Alam Khan.(New cars Automakers receive strict orders from PAC) After he investigated complaints about late car deliveries to buyers and the problems automakers faced.


During the PAC session, it was found that automakers received a large sum of Rs.127 crore from customers for prepayment for cars.


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Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Production said to the committee that Automakers receive 20% to 100% upfront payments from their customers.


The secretary added that one of the company’s auto factories was unable to operate at 100% and had to deliver the vehicles to customers within 60 days of prepayment.


“If the auto company does not deliver the vehicle within 60 days, it will incur a fine of KIBOR plus 3% as a fine for the past two years. Car companies paid customers Rs.1.9 billion, the annual demand for cars is 350,000 units in Pakistan. The secretary added


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The PAC president noted that the automaker demanded an additional payment of Rs 400,000 from the buyer. even after receiving full payment.


Noor Alam Khan issue an order to change the name of the car manufacturer to the car assembly operator In addition to directing the car company to deliver the car to the customer within one month of the prepayment, 100%


The Board of Directors does not allow more than 20% advance payment for bookings. Companies must reimburse KIBOR plus 3% within one month to customers. if they fail to deliver the car after 20 percent prepayment.

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