Neom Media to develop Saudi talent

Neom Media Hub’s mission to develop Saudi talent


Neom Media to develop Saudi talent is fostering the imagination of the adolescent in the Realm as well as setting them up to become significant supporters of the economy.

As per Middle Easterner News, van Borg, overseeing head of media and diversion at Neom, said that despite the fact that we are still in our initial days here, the media center.


is a significant component of the Neom Savvy City and our main goal is to propel the improvement of the neighborhood labor force. Competing with the top creative centers of the world.



Van Borg has said that initially we will bring in new talent, we want the youth here to learn the best of world standards. We need to nurture talent here.


Neom Media to develop Saudi talent
  Neom Media to develop Saudi talent

The aim of this media hub is to empower youth across the kingdom by providing them with hands-on experience with world-renowned filmmakers and producers and educating them in the field.

We must provide every opportunity to young Saudis who want to advance their careers who may not have had this opportunity in the past or had to go abroad to learn and do the best in the field while staying here. Can.


For a long time the youth here were eager to pursue their passion in this industry as there was no such industry and therefore they did not see this sector as a career.

“We’re changing that and we’re showing that through this pipeline of productions you can grow your career,” said a Neomhub official.


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The young here can work with the best and arising specialists of the field on a global stage and find out more, seek after their energy and fabricate a fruitful profession.


To further enhance and hone your skills in the film industry, Neum Media Hub also offers a two-year Master’s program, van Borg said.

Neom Media Center means to set out open doors for Saudis and add to the Saudi entertainment world through global joint effort and advancement of nearby creations.

As per Saudi Vision 2030, the media center point will deal with this specific hub for the areas of film creation, gaming and computerized distributing.

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