Nawaz Sharif angry at PML-N collapse by election

Nawaz Sharif angry at PML-N collapse by election

PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has expressed his displeasure with the party’s leadership over election issues, citing sources, Eri News reported on Monday.


PML-N’s senior leaders in London have issued a warning to ministers and party officials about the poor performance in the elections.(Nawaz Sharif angry at PML-N collapse by election) The party’s source said. He called for an immediate report from the party’s top leaders of the PML-N candidate’s defeat by election.


According to sources, party leaders and candidates have blamed Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shehbaz and other party leaders responsible for the defeat.


“PML-N may also win when Musa Gilani wins the election by gross margin,” the PML-N leader complained.


“Imran Khan gave more than 50 public speeches while our leader was not involved in the election campaign,” said party leader Maryam Nawaz, instead leading the London election campaign while Hamza did not. Get out of his house,” the party leader lamented.


“PML-N has become disorganized. Leaders are confined to themselves. While federal ministers are indifferent to party workers,” the source said.


“Chebaz Sharif is the party’s chairman. But he doesn’t have time for parties. Social media and party wings are not moving. Mostly because of the unenergetic leader,” the party leader said.


“A large increase in the price of electricity and the narrative of the party’s compromise This resulted in an election defeat,” the party leader said.


Nawaz Sharif has been informed of the party leader’s suggestion. The source said He supervised the constitution of fact-finding committee To know the reasons behind the election defeat, the source added.

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