'My life hurts since I met you'

‘My life hurts since I met you’ ARY Drama Scene

The promotion of the 25th episode of ARY Digital’s ongoing drama ‘Kisi Teri Khud Bhogi’ has been blown away by fans.


Drama Series ‘How selfish are you?’My name is Danish Taimur (Shamsher), Darfashan Saleem (Mehak), Laiba Khan (Nida), Noman Ejaz (Baba Sahib), Shahood Alvi (Akram Mehk’s father), Laila Wasti, Tipu Sharif (Dara, Shamsher’s brother). , Atiqa Odhu, Hamad Shoaib (Ahsan) and others take on the lead roles.’My life hurts since I met you’


The previous episode shows Shamcher leaving the comforts of home and leaving Baba Nai (Father) with Mahek.


In the promotion of the 25th episode shows that ‘Shamcher’s mother couldn’t bear to part with her son. and admitted to hospital while Baba the Master was comforting her that he would come.’


“Chamcher and Mehaeg went for a job interview together. But Chamcher didn’t get the job because of his father’s influence and his atrocities.”


Mehek told her husband, ‘You find it very difficult’ about it, they said. ‘The difficulty is for you too’

She told her husband that ‘My life hurts after meeting you’


Shamcher realized his mistake and said: ‘I hope people One will understand before making the mistake of how much he has to pay.


meanwhile Shamcher’s brother told his father he didn’t even know how bad his mother was. We should have told him, but Baba Sahib said. ‘Now we have nothing to do with her.’


Will there be anything else in the play? Will Baba Sahib bring Shamsher home, or will Mahek and Shamsher’s lives become more troubled? Stay tuned for the next episode every Wednesday at 8:00 PM.

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