Meet Asad Raza, son who sells fruit, graduated electrical eng.

Meet Asad Raza son who sells fruit graduated electrical eng

Asad Raza, 22, is a living example of hard work and dedication. The fruit merchant’s son recently graduated as an electrical engineer from the prestigious Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIKI).


Asad was born and raised in the slums of Karachi’ Khuda ki Basti. Speaking to ARY News, Asad recalled that in his community, Graduation is considered the highest level of education.


“In my area If the boy graduated He had to quit his studies and start working. But I didn’t stop because I had to continue my studies and finish my studies at least,” he said.


“Thank you to my father for always encouraging and supporting me in every situation,” he added.



Raza was not the only son of his parents. He had three sisters and one brother due to limited resources. It was not easy for Asad to achieve his goal.

He is currently working in a software company in Lahore.

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