Massacre at child care centers

Massacre at child care centers

Police officers stand outside the scene of a mass shooting in Nong Bua Lamphu province, Thailand, on Thursday. (Sunday Peerawongmetha/Reuters)

who died in Massacre at a nursery in northeastern Thailand The total number of cases rose to 36, including 24 children and a pregnant woman, according to a statement released Thursday by the Royal Thai Police and local officials. Massacre at child care centers

The suspect first attacked the daycare center. and then aimed at several bystanders on their way home. After returning home, he killed his wife and two-year-old stepson before committing suicide, according to Lt. Gen. Paisan Lueso boon.

excluded a suspect in the death toll.

At least 10 people were injured, six of them “seriously wounded”, according to a statement from the Royal Thai Police.

“About motivation The police did not rule out any possibility. that may be caused by personal stress or hallucinations from drugs We have ordered blood tests,” the statement added.

An earlier statement by the Thai prime minister described the incident as a mass shooting. But police said many of the victims had died from “stab wounds”

“After we saw the wounds of the deceased, Most of the deaths were from stab wounds. I told you earlier that he had several guns. Turns out he only had one or two guns,”.

Children take a nap at lunchtime when the massacre takes place.

A pregnant teacher at a nursery who was in a room with the children was among the victims who died, according to another teacher accused of witnessing the attack. talked with local media, Kom Chad Luek TV

The full rumor confirmed that one pregnant woman had died in a statement.

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