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Pakistan’s social structure is facing dire consequences of defamatory language. In public debates conducted in the media by public figures during debates on national issues.

The situation has passed, lured by angry public agents.(Marriyum Aurangzeb Jemima Khan Political) Play with emotions and go indifferently to remedy the evil. failed to alleviate

Many public figures have made various careers. Get away from such an angry public performance. and all parties participated in the exchange of sarcastic words. which proved to be a huge damage to public affairs in the country.

It is painfully evident that the wave of public obscenity that has engulfed new power brokers in Pakistan has completely diminished the importance of proper public debate. Hardly a day goes by without the public being exposed to the fraud of our public persona.

It is unbelievable to note that individuals in Pakistan remain completely oblivious to the dangers of public speaking. Even after almost a century of being broadcast on radio and more than half a century on television .

It is widely accepted that words are given to a man to conceal his thoughts. But this golden principle is easily lost. Unfortunately, Pakistani public figures are unable to understand the fundamental principles of human existence and what is not merely distorted. but also contrary to common sense

This degradation indicates the intellectual degradation of public figures who consistently fail to realize the serious consequences of their irresponsible attitudes.

The country’s leaders need to form a positive public opinion. But the rhetoric they use in public is detrimental in both the short and long term. They don’t seem to understand the important fact that countries not having fun running around instead of what they want

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