Magnitude Earthquake Bosnia and Herzegovina

Magnitude Earthquake hits Bosnia and Herzegovina

Magnitude Earthquake hits Bosnia and Herzegovina

An earthquake occurred tonight in Bosnia and Herzegovina, causing widespread shaking in several places. (Magnitude Earthquake Bosnia and Herzegovina)There is currently no data available on the magnitude of the earthquake; nevertheless, citizen accounts indicate that a more severe tremor was experienced.

Sarajevo’s residents felt the earth tremble, as did those in Zenica, Kupres, Tuzla, Gradańćac, and many other cities.

As to the first data obtained from the EMSC website, the earthquake occurred 64 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo, the capital, and 13 kilometers from Zenica. Its Richter scale magnitude was 5.1.

This evening, a tremor registered in the broader Banja Luka region with a Richter value of 3.
The earthquake’s epicenter was around seven kilometers northwest of Banja Luka, at a depth of eleven kilometers, according to data from the EMSC.

Many residents said they felt the quake, and the majority said it was only a brief jolt.

I was seated in the automobile; there was a little swaying and a little rumbling. It seems to have been an earthquake, but I believe the shaking was caused by passing cars.

The earthquake did not result in any material damage, according to first reports.

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