Machar Colony Incident: 37 Detained by Police

Machar Colony Incident: 37 Detained by Police, Investigation In Progress

KARACHI: Sindh police on Saturday arrested at least 37 people in connection with lynching two young men in the capital’s Machar Colony area.


Police named five of the 37 people arrested in the case. Police said the detainees were questioned to confirm their involvement in the incident. Machar Colony Incident: 37 Detained by Police


DIG South Irfan Baloch arrived at Baloch Docks Police Station where he was briefed on the progress of the case by SSP Kiamari Fida Hussain. The NACC ordered all arrested men to be presented to court within 24 hours.


Karachi police launched a crackdown on two militants in the Machhar colony on Friday. who was later identified as a worker of a telecommunications company Keamari police officers arrested two suspects in a probe into the telecom worker Friday.


Police said eight suspects were identified with the help of video of the referendum incident. Police added that they had gathered names, addresses and other information about eight suspects involved in throwing stones at the victims.


according to the police report One eyewitness also identified the detainee.


The family of the deceased employee received his body from a civil hospital. According to the information of relatives The deceased will be buried in their ancestral grounds at Naucharo, Ferrose and Tatta.


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Police said employees who tried to save them from the mob were dragged down and tortured to death by construction, police said.


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