Live update: Russian war in Ukraine

Live update: Russian war in Ukraine

Kirill Stremusov, the deputy head of the Russian-appointed Kherson Armed Forces confirmed on Wednesday that Civilian evacuations have extended to the east bank of the river. Live update: Russian war in Ukraine The move was described by Ukrainian officials as an “expulsion”.

Stremusov said in the video. on telegram that Ukrainian forces have made no progress in breaking through the defensive line, but that 15 kilometers (about 9 miles) of territory on the east coast will be evacuated. “There is a definite list of settlements that will have defensive lines,” Stremusov said.

“Nobody talks about forced evacuation,” Stremusov confirmed. “But we recommend that you listen to the army. Because I myself saw how defensive lines were built directly on the plots of some people in the village… If there was a battle, Soldiers will be forced to evacuate you. Because this can be dangerous.”

Stremusov also acknowledged rare reports of looting and drunkenness among Russian soldiers.

“Regarding the situation that may arise in the village: we are talking about the looting and drinking that some idiot representing the Russian army can now do. You can contact me directly … I want to report from you all the facts — drinking, pillaging, humiliation. or attempted violence,” he said.

on the Ukrainian sideKherson’s regional military administration said hostilities continued. “The enemy attacked the newly liberated village in the Berislav region. [on the west bank]… a significant amount of damage and destruction of civil infrastructure has been recorded,” the report said.

Ukrainian military officials confirmed that Russia’s Kherson administration was moved to Skadovsk near the Crimea and near the Black Sea.

Ukrainian officials said Russian troops are “Preparing the territory of the Nova Kakhovka community for defensive battles. In this regard, a trench is being dug along the east coast” at a distance of about 20 kilometers (about 12 miles).

The administration of the armed forces in the region also claimed that the occupying forces “Still kidnapping residents of Kherson region,” especially in Nova Kakhovka.

The displaced mayor of one of the communities on the East Coast – Oleshky’s mayor Eugene Ryshchuk – said it was becoming “Bridge for War”

“We are led to a choice – a difficult life in evacuation or death in our home.” he said.

He called on people to do everything they could to survive and ensure that “If you are forced to go to Russia Remember that the state of Ukraine will not leave its people.”

Ukrainian officials have often accused Russian forces of looting around Kherson, most recently claiming most of the stolen property was taken to Skadovsk.

On Wednesday, Yaroslav Yanuchevich, head of the Kherson region administration, said that Russian forces robbed “Largest Light Industry Enterprise” Uniform Manufacturing Company

Yanushevych said, “Owners are bringing sewing machines, cutting tables, embroidery machines, office equipment and computers. and other equipment with the truck going out.”

CNN was unable to verify the claim.

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