Live update Russian & Ukraine war

Live update Russian & Ukraine war

Natalia Zemko, 81, drinks tea in her apartment during a power outage in Kyiv, Ukraine, October 22 Paula Bronstein/Getty Images.

More than a military base or transport hub in recent weeks. russia landslide Ukrainian electricity and heat supply network. Live update Russian & Ukraine war.

in the next few weeks Russian missile and drone strikes also hit thermal power plants. substation Transformer and gas pipelines. Result: power outage, disabled pumping station. and widespread internet disruptions.

“This is a planned terrorist act with the help of Russian energy experts. which aims to shut down Ukraine’s energy system That is to achieve a complete power outage in the country,” Oleksandr Kharchenko, CEO of the Energy Research Center in Kyiv, said on Friday.

The strategy appears:

Meanwhile, Russian forces suffered losses in September and this month. Pundits have also appeared on state media calling for Ukraine to plunge into a dark and freezing winter for revenge. that now appears to be the goal.

The casualties were few but the damage was undue. The energy infrastructure is a clear and fixed target that is difficult to prevent without special area protection. Ukraine is pleading from the western alliance.

Maksym Tichenor, CEO of energy company DTEK, said in a recent interview that Russia was very good at choosing targets. Switchgear and transformer or equipment exported at a thermal power plant.

“I think the Russian army was advised by their electrical engineers. And they explain how to do maximum damage to the electrical system,” he said.

The Ukrainian authorities are apparently struggling to keep up with the list of necessary repairs this month. and some infrastructure is beyond repair.

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