Live update Russian and Ukraine war

Live update Russian and Ukraine war

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister Doubts about the future of the UN-backed grain deal It said there was “much more work” to be done before the deal was renewed next month.

Agreement to allow Ukraine – One of the world’s largest producers of wheat. — to export grain from the Black Sea ports since the beginning ofAugust. Live update Russian and Ukraine war.

Lavrov said Moscow wanted the United Nations to provide evidence that the exports, which go through a monitoring center in Istanbul, were sent to the world’s poorest countries.

during a press conference with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) secretary general in Moscow on Monday. He said he had requested information from the UN for information on the final destination of the grain.

Lavrov said Russia understood that the poorest countries received only 5% to 7% of their grain exports, while the rest went to the EU.

“European countries gave the following explanation: They said yes, we received most of the Ukrainian grains, but then this grain was distributed all over the world. including the poorest countries I need a clearer picture.

We therefore urge the United Nations Secretariat to participate in this operation. and who has all the information provide statistics on the movement of grain to its destination,” Lavrov said.

The information requested by the UN will inform Russia’s decision on whether to remain in the grain deal.

Lavrov also complained that the second part of the deal which relates to the supply of Russian food and fertilizer to the world market. “Practically not implemented”

Lavrov argued there was a need for a clear legal exemption from sanctions for Russian companies. And it guarantees that Russian ships can enter European ports and foreign ships enter Russia for free. One of the major problems, he said, was the sanctions against the Bank of Agriculture of Russia.

which is the main financial institution that provides fertilizers and grains to the global market.

“There is a lot of work. The deal expires in November. And we proceed from the fact that before the time extension issue was considered. All issues mentioned will be resolved in a satisfactory way,” Lavrov said.

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