Kevin McCarthy told two officials at a private meeting that Trump

Kevin McCarthy told two officials at a private meeting that Trump

During a private meeting last summer, home minority leader Kevin McCarthy told two police officers: Defend the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.and the mother of a third person who died after the riot.

Former President Donald Trump did not know his supporters were carrying out the attack. according to the newly received voice of the conversation. Kevin McCarthy told two officials at a private meeting that Trump

Testimony to the House of Representatives Selection Committee on January 6 revealed that Trump watches television for hours. as the rioters fight fiercely with law enforcement.

But McCarthy insisted Trump was unaware of the violence within the Capitol when he spoke to Trump over the phone that afternoon. He appears to have credited the president at the time for making a public statement later in the afternoon. urges his supporters to “go home” According to one of the meeting attendees, Michael Fanone, a DC Metropolitan Police Officer

“I was just telling you on the phone. I don’t know he knows,” McCarthy said during a June 2021 meeting on Trump’s knowledge of the fight, based on audio recorded by Fanone at the time and details. in his new book, “Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop’s Battle for America’s Soul.”

Jurisdiction is the sole jurisdiction for recordings. This means that one party will record the other without legal permission. CNN has contacted McCarthy’s office for comment.

The meeting comes as a handful of Republicans try to disregard or misrepresent what happened on Jan. 6 when Trump falsely claimed the election was stolen. This led to a deadly attack on Congress by gangs supporting Trump.

It also happened while McCarthy was “backed by pledged to appoint Republicans to a special committee on January 6th.” Fanone wrote, adding: “The only reason McCarthy agreed to meet with us because he was heated by the refusal to meet me.”

While some details of the meeting were reported on the day it took place, The new voice underscores how quickly Trump was able to hold Republicans after the Jan. 6 attacks, despite initial two-party protests over their reluctance to condemn the violence. it’s happening.

McCarthy himself said that he Consider asking Trump to resign. after the attack According to previously published private conversations between the House minority leader and the Republican House of Representatives.

Fanone, who was shot multiple times and was beaten by a flagpole during the riot. It has previously made several attempts to meet with California Republicans to discuss the uprising before McCarthy ultimately agreed, according to his new book.

Republican Party including McCarthy Resist most attempts to investigate the circumstances of the uprising. It was severely criticized by Fanone and the many police officers there.

Capitol police officer Harry Dunn, who defended the Capitol during the riots, and Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s mother attended a meeting with McCarthy, and the trio repeatedly pressured McCarthy to acknowledge Trump’s role in fueling the riot. The attack, according to records, Sicknick suffered multiple injuries and died a day after the riot.

His mother, Gladys Signik, was the first to challenge McCarthy’s claims about what Trump knew and when he did.

“He already knows what happened,” she said of Trump. According to the sound received from CNN “People were fighting for hours and hours. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Later in the meeting Fanone also confronted McCarthy about his defense of Trump. by telling the Republican leader that “While you were talking on the phone with him.

“I asked McCarthy why he credited Trump’s pitiful afternoon video speech to his followers. I said, ‘Trump said to his people, ‘This is what happens when you steal an election. Go home. I love you.’ What fic is that? That comes from the President of the United States,” Fanone wrote in his book.

The three called on McCarthy to condemn his own 21-member party, who voted earlier this month against awarding Congressional gold medals to officials who defended City Hall and pushed him to do so. Seriously, Fanone wrote in his memoirs.

“I told McCarthy that I felt betrayed by the way some Republicans chaotic attacks on law enforcement officers turned into fundraising,” Fanone wrote in his book.

“’It’s crap,’ I said, ‘it’s humiliating,'” he added. Recalling his comments during the meeting and noting that “McCarthy was unresponsive.”

McCarthy said ahead of the meeting with Fanone that he had “no problem talking to anyone about” his Jan. 6 conversation with Trump when asked by CNN if he would speak to the committee about the call.

Fanone suffered a heart attack and concussion during the riots and is facing traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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