Karachi most polluted cities in the world

Karachi once again most polluted cities in the world

 Karachi once again ranks among the world’s most polluted cities in the world. air quality index on Friday morning


The city’s air quality index was 177 at 11 a.m., categorized as hazardous by PM (dust) levels. Karachi most polluted cities in the world


An AQI above 151-200 is considered unhealthy, while an AQI between 201 and 300 is more dangerous, and an AQI above 300 is dubbed extremely dangerous.


Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, yesterday was among the most polluted cities in Pakistan.


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Experts say The weather in winter is heavier compared to summer. This causes the toxic particles in the atmosphere to move downwards and pollute the atmosphere. As a result, a layer of pollution particles including a large amount of carbon and smoke covering the city.

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