Karachi man trapped by female voice Kidnapped in Kashmore

Karachi man trapped by female voice Kidnapped in Kashmore

A resident of Safoora, Karachi, intercepted a woman at Kashmore and kidnapped a family member told police in an application.

Junaid Qamar, a security guard, was summoned to Kashmore on September 24 and was kidnapped for ransom. The kidnapper’s mother told police on her plea. Kidnapper demands Rs 10 million ransom in phone call to release him. Karachi man trapped by female voice Kidnapped in Kashmore.

Kidnappers send family hostage torture video which saw the victim cry in pain Hostage taker beats victim with a ransom of 10 million rupees to be released.

“Whatever you want, I will tell my mother,” the hostage groaned to the kidnapper. “I will tell my mother to send all the money I have to her,” victim Junaid Qamar told the kidnappers.

The kidnapper also sent another video of the hostage crying, saying, “I’m dying. For God’s sake, help me.”

It is said that Junaid is attached to the voices and photographs of the women.

“My son kept in touch until I got to Sukkur,” his mother said on her application to the police department. Karachi man trapped by female voice Kidnapped in Kashmore

“The kidnapper forced my son to be tortured. please revive him He has been held hostage for about two months,” said Mae. That I have to go and file my lawsuit, groaned my mother.

“Junaid Qamar is married and the father of three children,” his mother said.

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