Jacqueline Fernandez is trying to flee India

Jacqueline Fernandez is trying to flee India

The Law Enforcement Board (ED) has opposed the bail of Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez in a 200 million rupees extortion case.

As reported by Indian media ED on Saturday. (Jacqueline Fernandez is trying to flee India)It opposes a bail testimony filed by Fernandez in the Patiala home court in Delhi, citing the ‘height and influence’ of Bollywood celebrities as the reason.

according to such details The investigative agency said the Bollywood star had failed to ‘Cooperate with the investigation’ and disclose details only when The ED also claims that Fernandez tried to flee the country but failed due to the issuance of the LOC (Caution Circle).

“Jacqueline [Fernandez] not an ordinary person But it is a Bollywood actor who has a lot of financial resources and hence his height and influence,” the ED said in response to the plea, as noted by Shailender Malik – an additional session referee – at the trial. on saturday

The court reportedly extended the offender’s bail temporarily and postponed it to November 10.

In addition, the court ordered ED to provide an expense statement and other relevant documents. to all parties involved in this case

It is relevant to mention here that Jacqueline’s legal team Fernandez moved his bail testimony in a Delhi court on Sept. 26, while the bail testimony was suspended for a response from the Law Enforcement Board (ED), further Judge Sessions. It has provided Fernandez with temporary bail against INR50,000 bonds.

For those who were not investigated for ED, in the additional charges filed with the court, the PMLA alleges that the Bollywood star received millions of gifts from prisoner Sukesh Chandrashekhar. who is accused of fraud worth 200 million rupees

according to news reports Fernandez and her family received millions of gifts: Persian cats, horses, diamond jewelry. Designer bags from brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton and luxury cars. besides the money from Chandrashekhar

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The report also pointed out that Sukesh gave a Ducati bike to actor Prashant’s manager to ‘impress her’ and a diamond ring from Tiffany with the initials ‘J&S’ engraved as the promposal.

While many Bollywood women’s names appear in this case. Either accept or offer to receive a gift from Chandrashekhar, Jacqueline Fernandez ‘More trouble’ as she continues to engage with the prisoner despite knowing his criminal past.

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