Irish Dance Competition Organization Investigates

Irish Dance Competition Organization Investigates Cheating Allegations


The world’s oldest and largest Irish dance organization has launched an investigation after it was accused of revising the competition, warning that “Unethical behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.”


in statement An Irish dance committee posted on its website on Thursday said the ethics committee had been “The allegations and documentation of multiple violations of our Code” in July of this year. Irish Dance Competition Organization Investigates


The committee did not specify any type of alleged violations. Although local media reported that it was involved in allegations of resolving the competition. independent irish Breaking news of the allegations in a special investigation released on Wednesday.


“To the extent possible of such allegations – and to ensure fairness, transparency and thoroughness – the services of an independent former judge of the Court of Appeal are immediately hired to oversee and supervise investigations on these issues. The statement continued.


The Irish Dancing Commission, the governing body known in Irish as An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG), is responsible for organizing the World Irish Dancing Championships. The competition is held every year in different locations. all over ireland united kingdom and North America attracted contestants from around the world. and is considered the most famous Irish dance competition in the world.


“This process will no doubt be difficult and difficult. But this grossly unethical behavior must be eliminated from the competition. dance school and our governing body,” CLRG said in a statement.


The CLRG made it clear in its statement that registered members were found to have engaged in practices that violate the Code. “It must be subject to an appropriate and complete process” under the Board’s disciplinary procedures.


Catherine Martin, Irish Minister of Culture told reporters on Thursday she was pleased with the fact that there was The “retired judge investigating the matter” called it a “very important” factor. Irish Dance Competition Organization Investigates


Martin said she would write to the commission to “Seek reassurance that they are taking all the necessary steps to restore confidence to families around the world that their children and their young people are treated fairly.”

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