Iranian national team refuses to sing the national anthem

Iranian national team refuses to sing the national anthem

Iran’s FIFA World Cup squad refused to sing their national anthem ahead of Monday’s opening game against England. After many fans at home accused the team of siding with a brutal crackdown on the civil unrest.


Protests have been in Iran since the death of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, two months ago after she was arrested for improper dressing.Iranian national team refuses to sing the national anthem


Dozens of Iranian public figures, athletes and artists expressed their solidarity with the protesters. But not with the national football team. until the race on Monday All members of the team remained silent as the national anthem rang out.


before the match None of the Iranian players voiced their support for the protests by their compatriots.



“We are all sad because our people were killed in Iran. But we are all proud of our team because they don’t sing the national anthem. Because it’s not our national anthem (the national anthem) it’s only for the government.”


In the past, the Iranian football team was a source of national pride across the country. Many wanted it to withdraw from the World Cup.


before traveling to Doha The team met with hard-headed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. A photo of the players with Raisi, one of them bowing in front of him. which went viral as the street unrest escalated. cause an outcry on social media.


Activist news agency HRANA said 410 protesters were killed in Saturday’s unrest. including 58 minors


Fifty-four security personnel were also killed, Echrana said, and at least 17,251 were arrested. Authorities did not give a broader estimate of the death toll.


“I know it’s their duty to play football but with all the children who died in Iran. They should stand in solidarity with the people. Especially when the England national team is about to kneel.


How can the national team not show solidarity?” Setareh, a 17-year-old high school student, said by phone from the northwestern city of Urmia.


Some Iranian soccer fans who went to Qatar to watch the World Cup made no secret of their solidarity with the unrest.


They carried signs that read “Women, Life, Freedom” in support of the protests. “Freedom for Iran Stop killing street children!” shouted one Iranian woman.


Another Iranian woman with the colors of the Iranian flag painted on her face said that Iran is a country that is crazy about football.


“But this year,” she says, “everything is different. What we are interested in is this revolution and for people to get their freedom back. And don’t be afraid to walk on the road. Do and dress as they want and say what they want.”


in the capital Tehran Some of the national team banners were burned by angry protesters.Iranian national team refuses to sing the national anthem.

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