Information Minister OIC calls for Islamic phobia

Information Minister OIC calls to anti-disinformation Islamic phobia

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)’s Information Minister underscored the importance of cooperation among member countries in developing the necessary mechanisms to combat all forms of disinformation and Islamic terror.


according to such details It was emphasized in the Istanbul Declaration adopted by the 12th session of the OIC Information Ministers’ Meeting held in Istanbul. Information Minister OIC calls for Islamic phobia.


The announcement also underscores the need to formulate short-, medium- and long-term strategic processes to combat total disinformation.


The statement stated that The meeting recognizes the importance of highlighting specific issues and possible short-term situations. Multidimensional Crisis Communication and Management and mechanisms for data validation in the medium term and news content media literacy and digital media long term literacy.


The meeting considered the final report of the 12th Islamic Information Ministers Meeting, which aims to promote participation and cooperation of OIC member states in media and information. Press release of the Secretariat of the OIC said.


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The Istanbul Declaration emphasizes the need to combat all forms of Islamic fear/hatred against Islam. by effectively presenting the truth about Islam’s generous religion. by using new platforms and emerging technological innovations.


It underlined the dangers of disinformation as a weapon of mass destruction. The statement stated that They are easy to use and require complex measures to counter. by aiming at the noble religion of Islam and the need to combat this phenomenon and underscored the risks posed especially in Muslim-dominant countries. community and minority.


Recognizing the need to raise awareness against disinformation and fake news through social norms The announcement emphasizes the importance of combating disinformation. which is a serious threat to their country and society in the new digital era. It is summarized in the topics selected for the meeting.


“The realization that terrorism has no unique identity. and the relationship between this word and other identities It is the result of disinformation and condemnation of manifestations of violence. mania mania and terrorism that distorts the noble message of human culture,” the statement said.


The conference lamented the importance of all forms of media and information in shaping the public at the local, regional and international levels.


The meeting also called for renewal of the OIC’s commitment to the noble objectives and to support all initiatives and activities. especially in the field of communication and information to promote unity solidarity and cooperation in the Islamic world.


Calls on the media in Member States to raise awareness around the world about the destructive and intentional acts of destruction of cultural and Islamic heritage in non-Muslim countries. especially in areas where indigenous Muslim communities have been genocide.


The meeting welcomed the progress made by the OIC Media Forum (OMF) and called on media agencies and institutions in the Member States to join the OMF.

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