India's Oscar-winning Rahul Koli dies of cancer

India’s Oscar-winning actor Rahul Koli dies of cancer

Rahul Koli, child actor who was part of the movie ‘Show Hello’ or ‘Last movie show’ Died earlier this month after a battle with cancer.

According to Indian news outlets, actor Rahul Koli lost his battle with blood cancer on October 2, his family confirmed.(India’s Oscar-winning Rahul Koli dies of cancer )He is one of six child artists in the upcoming film. ‘Show Hello’ – India’s Official Attendance for the 95th Academy Awards.

In an official statement, Ramu Goli, the father of the deceased actor, said: “On Sunday, October 2, he had breakfast. and after repeated fever hours later Rahul vomited blood three times. and just like me The child is no longer there.”

“Our family is damaged. But we’ll be watching over him. ‘Last screening’ together on October 14, after we performed his final purification ceremony,” he added.

The film’s producers also announced the launch of a trust fund to commemorate the late child star.India’s Oscar-winning Rahul Koli dies of cancer

The title Gujarati by Pan Nalin premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and is scheduled to hit theaters across the country on October 14. The film is inspired by Nalin’s memories in a rural village. of Saurashtra, Gujarat, the story of a 9-year-old boy who begins a love affair with cinema in the summer and wishes to become a filmmaker.

‘Show Hello’ Chosen for India’s Official Academy Awards 2023 for the film Rajamouli’s. ‘RRR’latest release ‘Phra Brahma Part 1 Shiva’received overwhelming praise ‘Kashmir File’ and directed by R Madhavan ‘rocket’.

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