Indian influencer being bullied faking dark skin

Indian influencer being bullied faking dark skin

An Indian influencer on Instagram received a response from netizens after she darkened her skin and pretended to be a street vendor.

Social media influencer Ansha Mohan is from Karnataka in southwest India. It was criticized by social media users after she shared a video on her handlebar with a darkened face. Indian influencer being bullied faking dark skin.

In the video series, which is now circulating on the Internet, Mohan is seen wearing a dark base makeup on her face. and dressed as a street vendor selling roses across the streets of Bangalore. Clearly, digital creators have done so to see the lives of economically backward people.

However, the concept of the content was not so good with social users criticizing Mohan for exploiting the financial status of a particular class. Just to get the number of views and likes on her page.

One social user called Mohan ‘painting’ himself dark to earn money. ‘Influence and money’ instead of getting people of a certain color and working there for a living.

Another blamed the Indian influencer for ‘using’ powerful tools like merciless photography and being ‘insensitive’ about the hardships in someone’s life. Indian influencer being bullied faking dark skin

See some reactions in the video.

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