Indian actor Sahar Afsha quits the Islamic entertainment industry

Indian actor Sahar Afsha quits the Islamic entertainment industry

After Zaira Wasim and Sana Khan, another Indian actor, Sahar Afsha has left the entertainment industry for Islam.


Actress Sahar Afsha, known for her work in the Indian and Tamil film industry of Bhojpuri, announced her decision to leave the glamor industry through a profile on Instagram. Indian actor Sahar Afsha quits the Islamic entertainment industry


“Dear brothers and sisters in the name of Allah the merciful the merciful I want to inform you that I have chosen to leave the entertainment industry and will no longer be involved,” Zahar announced in the post.


She added, “I want to live my future life according to the teachings of Islam and with the blessing of Allah.”


Thanks to the fans who gave her her ‘blessings, including fame, honor and fortune’, the celebrity admitted that she hadn’t imagined her early life.


“I accidentally entered the industry and continued to grow, but now I have decided to give up my entertainment lifestyle. repent before Allah and seek His forgiveness. I intend to continue my life according to the commands and sermons of Allah.”


She concluded the writing by saying: “I ask everyone to pray for Allah to accept my repentance. Wish me the strength to live up to my will to live my life, uphold the laws of my Creator, and serve humanity and persevere with me. to do so.”


“And I hope I will not be remembered for my past life. but for the next life.”


Former actress Sana Khan, who had taken the same route previously, commented on the post. She wrote, “My sister MashAllah is very happy for you. May Allah bestow Istegamah in every step of life May you inspire everyone around you and become zariya e khair for humanity”


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Previously, several Bollywood and Pakistani stars including Sana Khan, Zaira Wasim and Saqib Khan had quit the entertainment industry to follow Islamic teachings.


earlier this week Singer Abdullah Qureshi has announced his retirement from the music industry for religious reasons.

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