Virat Kohli shines as India beat to Pakistan in T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli hit a powerful half-century and Ravichandran Ashwin was superb in death as India secured a four-goal victory on the final ball against arch-rivals Pakistan at the T20 World Cup on Sunday in front of a massive Melbourne Cricket Ground crowd.


Pakistan’s all-around bowler Mohammad Nawaz advances to the finals. By giving gifts to India two wilds and no ball Before Ashwin broke a cold win record in the middle of the game as India chased 160 for victory. India beat to Pakistan in T20 World Cup


Kohli Best Player of the Year By leading India to victory without 82 leaving after digging the team out of great partnership issues with Hardik Pandya (40).


Pakistan is sailing towards what appears to be a morale-boosting victory. But Kohli hit the back with a bat in the final to take India home in front of 90,293 screaming fans and hundreds of millions watching around the world.


“Hmm, it’s a surreal atmosphere. I really have no words I don’t know how it happened,” Koli said.

“Hardik always tells me. Just believe that we will live until the end. I lost my words.”


Kohli battered back-to-back in the semi-final against Haris Rauf to push India within 15 runs of victory from the last six balls.


With Kohli Nawaz’s strike, Pandya came close with a misguided slogan to destroy a partnership that went 113 times.


Kohli bounced back and spilled out without the ball as the wheel slipped off Nawaz, who then threw wide.


Kohli was hit by a free hit on the next ball. But the ball trembled three times from the stump.


With two balls left and two more runs, Nawaz stumped Dinesh Karthik but threw the ball further away from what would have been the last of the overs.


Ashwin cleared the field with a calm finish for the win, driving Indian fans crazy.


It was a brutal ending for Pakistan. Which compiled well to post a total of 159 defendable eight after losing throws and starting badly with the bat.


“All credit goes to Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli,” Pakistan captain Babar Azam said.


“They changed the momentum and finished the game well … we had chances and we just asked the boys. believe in yourself But credit to Virat Kohli again.”

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