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IMF Loan Help Pakistan Flood

Massive floods have pushed Pakistan back decades in terms of development. infrastructure and economic stability


while International Monetary Fund Approved the rest of the loan which Pakistan is desperately needed to avoid default. The large flooded country looks for help and support to rehabilitate 33 million people affected and a third of their land flooded.


There will be formal and sustainable steps taken to:


1) Not only supply ration bags Temporary relief tents but also to restore survivors whose homes, livelihoods and livelihoods are directly affected.


2) Build roads and bridges connecting communities &


3) Ensure that there are no endemic epidemics and infectious diseases in the still waters.


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4) Compensate the north of the world for the crimes committed against humanity and the climate that Pakistan bears, or global organizations will continue to dab and flogging around the bushes.


We discuss health and feminine hygiene issues. and corruption in government duties.

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