Ilia Malinin American ice skating phenomenon makes history

Ilia Malinin: American teen ice skating phenomenon makes history

American teen Ilia Malinin takes the second all-time position. quadruple axis In Saturday’s race without much distraction.


Compete at Skate America, a 17-year-old historian. free skate This earned him a gold medal in the senior Grand Prix as he became the youngest men’s champion in the history of the event.Ilia Malinin American ice skating phenomenon makes history


Malinin became the first person to complete quadruple. Axel At last month’s competition between the US International Figure Skating Classic, a low-end event,


But he’s still unsure whether to combine figure skating’s toughest moves with his free skating routine at Skate America.


“This morning I’m really not sure. whether I will try it or not,” Malinin told NBC afterward. “But I think it’s already in my head that everyone is watching. I have to go for this I went there and landed, I’m still shocked.


The whole building screamed for at least a few seconds after. I don’t even know if the song is still playing.”


Even some of the stars of the sport can’t land a four-axle because it has to spin four and a half rounds in the air. The transition from forward flying to landing backwards It’s been 44 years since the jump has been locked on three times.


Doubles Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu said ahead of the 2022 Beijing Olympics that four-axis landings were his biggest motivation. But when he tried to do it in the competition He turned low and fell slightly.

Meanwhile, reigning Olympic champion Nathan Chen has achieved quadruple jumps in every category except the axel.


So when Malinin – the young world champion – jumped further than him. It was a remarkable moment in figure skating history.


“I was shocked. I didn’t know I did that!” he added. “I was impressed with myself being able to pull that off. Even now, I’m lost. I don’t know what to say about that. I don’t know if I can do it.”

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