How does climate change threaten wildlife

How does climate change threaten wildlife

Although the impacts of climate change are causing the destruction of human beings around the world. Animals and birds are also affected by the changes. But how does climate change affect animals? And why is it important for us to know?


Zoologist Dr. Solaha Rahman sheds light on the changing animal patterns due to climate change. “Animals like to live in places with food and shelter. when the temperature starts to rise They will change their place to something cooler,” she said. How does climate change threaten wildlife.


Senior lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Karachi, physician Zafar Iqbal Shams, regrets the development of the city. We have moved the existing farmland instead of expanding more trees. to reduce the effects of city temperature rise which caused the birds to migrate to cooler place.


“Since many birds depend on insects, Cutting down trees also destroys their food source. This churns the food chain,” he said.


stop feeding pigeons


People tend to feed common pigeons. Also known as the blue stone at the traffic light. and considered a good cause But this practice poses a number of serious security issues.


“There are many food sources throughout the city that help the pigeon population grow,” Dr. Shams said. “Bird droppings can cause various diseases. Some diseases may be transmitted through direct contact with these excretions. or inhaling aerosols from dry excrement,” he added.


Zoologist Roohi Kanwal says pigeons have become pests and this is bad news for other birds. She also felt that human intervention had increased the spreading problem. In addition to being highly flexible Birds also need to be fed.


There are some animals, especially birds, that change places due to climate change. But there are many animals that are found only in certain places and not out of place. And if the weather of that place suddenly began to change and they didn’t get food. Shows that this species of animals is slowly starting to go extinct.


“Extreme climate change has a huge impact on the breeding process of some species. and their population began to decline. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list of threatened species, more than 41,000 species are threatened with extinction,” said Dr Zolaha.


Climate change could lead to the extinction of many species around the world. If humans can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, drought flood and can avoid the extinction of a wide range of animals.


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