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Google’s message to our users around the world

NEW YORK: Due to fears of the spread of the Corona virus, the famous search engine Google has sent users a beautiful message via doodle about how you can fight this epidemic.


According to details, Google, a well-known search engine has sent a message to users around the world to use social distancing via doodle to prevent the spread of the deadly corona virus.(Google’s message to our users around the world)


The doodle’s message is to stay home. Stay safe. Google has captured the attention of users by adopting a beautiful style. It can be seen in the Google doodle that all characters are also present in the house. Google’s message to our users around the world


Google’s first letter ‘G’ is reading a book, while ‘O’ is playing guitar and singing in the shared house, L’ is working out while ‘G’ and ‘E’ are on the phone from their home. they I have established Contact and talk.


It should be noted that all governments around the world have instructed people to take preventive measures to avoid becoming a victim of the coronavirus. The main thing is to stay at home.

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